Endoscope Broken? Call Erpa!

Service/repairThe main activity of Erpa Instruments is the refurbishment and repairing of endoscopes for medical and other uses (about 2500 endoscopes a year). Endoscopes which are offered at Erpa Instruments for maintenance and/or repair, first undergo a complete incoming inspection evaluation. This inspection is free of charge. Part of this entrance control is a measure analysis, which includes evaluation of image intensity, image size and view direction (‘field of view’ and ‘direction of view’). The customer will be informed immediately when an endoscope shows too many defects. (For example to meet the standard for sterilization).


Because of the comprehensive entrance control we can determine what repair work is required to bring the endoscope back to working specifications. These can vary from a very thorough cleaning up to and including the complete overhaul of the endoscope. Defective parts will be replaced with new parts. Erpa Instruments guarantees that the quality of these parts is comparable to that of the original parts. An endoscope prepared by Erpa Instruments again complies to all standards which well-known brands use.

Erpa Instruments is also the place for emergency repairs and complex repairs. We have a fast turn time and we go to great lengths to serve our customers.